Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A coming-of-age-story that never comes

I think part of the reason I like writing fiction is because I've always been better at lying than telling the truth.  However, in the true spirit of goodwill and bloggitude, I figured my inaugural post should probably tell you a little about myself.

The question is - how to do this in the easiet (least awkward) way?  So I decided to write 9 facts about Moxie Mezcal that in some (possibly obscure) way relate to my short story, 1999

[Quick aside: In case you haven't read it yet and want to, click here.  My cheesy faux book jacket summary for it is "It's New Year's Eve, and four teenage friends are waiting for the world to end" - since then, I've decided that a better description is "a coming-of-age-story that never comes."]

9 facts about Moxie Mezcal & 1999

1.  I wrote the story in a single afternoon/ evening in September 2009.  I had been receiving notices about my 10-year high school reunion in October; even though I had no intention of going, I was nonetheless feeling a little nostalgic.

2.  The night that I wrote it, I was 38% convinced that I was dying from a poisonous spider bite.  Turns out, that was not the case.

3.  The text says that nothing in the story really happened and nothing really happened in the story; at the same time, most of the events in the story are almost entirely autobiographical and based on things that happened to me or people I knew in high school.  Feel free to parse that sentence however you like.

4.  I love Dolores del Rio.  My favorite movie with her is La Otra.

5.  My first car was an '89 Toyota Camry, and I still get nostalgic when I think about it.

6.  I always somehow end up dating girls who smoke clove cigarettes. I smoked them myself for a short period of time when I was trying to quit smoking; they were too sweet and therefore I was less likely to chain smoke them than regular cigarettes.

7.  I have shoplifted before - eyeliner (back when I was too embarrassed to just take it up to the counter and pay for it).

8.  Once, driving along the highway in the middle of the night without another soul around for miles, on the way to a beach rave, my friend and I managed to convince each other that we had died in a horrible car crash on the way without realizing it, and now in the afterlife we were doomed to keep driving along this same stretch of highway for all eternity.  It should be pointed out that we were most likely high.

9.  I always thought the Y2K scare was kinda entertaining, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed when nothing happened.
    Anyways, I'm not sure how interesting all that really was.   If by chance you haven't read it before, and somehow this post convinced you that you'd like to read 1999, click here.

    Most of this post was true.

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